Sherida Spitz on Equal Soccer and the 2023 World Cup

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You may know her as the captain of the Orange Lions or as an international record holder. Or as a regular penalty taker. Or as Ajax Women’s captain. Or as a mother of two. Above is midfielder Sherida Spitze. She has the honor of being the Netherlands footballer who has played 213 international matches. – than her male colleagues.

On International Women’s Day, we spoke to her about her illustrious football career and her commitment to the Red Cross, for which she is an ambassador.

Sherida Spitz on Equal Soccer and the 2023 World Cup

You started playing professional football at the age of sixteen and are known for rarely or never getting sick. Former football star Daphne Coster said your income is too high. How do you maintain consistent performance at such a high level for so long?

‘It really takes a lot of dedication. My life has been dominated by sports in all aspects for years. As a little girl I dreamed of playing for the Dutch national team and that dream has come true. But staying there is harder than getting in because the bar is set high. In addition to working hard during training and competitions, you should prioritize recovery and injury prevention; Get enough sleep, eat well and go to physio on time if you feel pain. Fortunately, I have a lot of experience in the meantime and know how to take better care of myself. I want to do it because I love the game so much.’

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You have made the first transaction involving a financial transaction. A lot has changed in women’s football in the meantime, but at the same time it turns out that the odds are not the same. Documentaries ‘On the Way to the Top’ shows. How do you see it and what do you think are the opportunities for women in the Netherlands when it comes to football?

‘Yes, that’s right. It’s twofold: football for women and girls is much bigger now than it was when I was young. I started at Sneak, mainly playing with the boys; Now there are many more teams. It’s pretty even in that sense. On the other hand, the stadiums are not always full when we play. I notice that if it does well with Oranjeleeuwinnen, it will grow a bit again, there will be more attention and more people will come to see it.

What would you like to change? Some Orange Lions seem to have started playing for foreign clubs as the level is said to be higher there.

“I also played abroad for a while, but I needed a different stimulus. Our schedules are also very full. We have a really busy schedule with many tournaments, but it is no different than the men’s. The facilities we play in will be better, but I will focus on how much we have already progressed. We now have twelve clubs in the league: more clubs, more players and a higher level. We want to compete at the top. I see the players from the German and English teams have more power and there is still room for improvement.

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Read more about what can be improved in the field of equal football in the Netherlands.

You are the captain of the Ajax women and our national team; A person who wants people to lead. After a match you often take the initiative to go around and thank the audience. What do you do when you don’t like it for a while?

‘Haha! Yes, that’s right. But I have a lot of energy and it’s my nature to do that. If something is overwhelming, talking about it works well, expressing it to those who understand and listening to their perspective on the situation.

As part of International Women’s Day you are auctioning off the boots you wore during the European Championships with the proceeds going to the Red Cross. You have a daughter. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

‘It’s a beautiful day, but I’m too relaxed to think about it for long. My daughter loves soccer and if she wants to become a professional too, I know it is well organized for her. When I started playing soccer, I was the only girl. It’s good to see how many good teams and individual athletes there are now, and that bodes well for the future.

We will surely hear the roar of the Orange Lions during next summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. You made it to the finals last time. What do you expect?

‘It’s exciting! I think we are close in terms of chances and I believe it will be a great World Cup. All the teams have developed more and I think we will see different football than the previous World Cups. I’m so curious!’

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