Shocking, recognizable, or rude: reactions to the Megan and Harry interview

Many newspapers are skeptical of the statements. The Daily Mail talks about “exciting allegations.” A royal journalist from The Daily Express says he needs more time to digest what has been said and looks forward to it Check the facts From all the data. The Sun predicts Markle may never return to the UK.

A former Buckingham Palace spokesman said BBC Radio 4 He distanced himself from the allegations in the interview. He denies the existence of any racism in the royal family and argues that Markle was well received in the family.

The British minister replies

The British Minister of Family Affairs was the first cabinet member to respond to the interview. Speaking to Sky News, Vicky Ford argues that “there should be no place whatsoever for racism in our society.” She said she hadn’t seen the interview.

Education Minister in the Shadows, Labor politician Kate Green, described the allegations as “extremely worrying and shocking”. she Calling To an independent investigation into the racism inside the palace walls.

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, a friend of Markle, did not want to divulge reporters’ questions about the interview. “It doesn’t need anyone else’s comment, these are one-to-one things.”

Support from Serena Williams

Several prominent artists and athletes have expressed their support for the couple on social media. Tennis star Serena Williams wrote on Twitter that Markle “teaches her what it means to be brave.” She acknowledges discrimination on the basis of gender and racism, writes:

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