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Serbian basketball players 3×3 win the world title again

10.38 pm: Serbian basketball players 3×3 won the world title. In the final in Antwerp, Lithuania was defeated 21-16. France ranks first in the world rankings, and Lithuania is second. It is Serbia’s fifth world title, after previous successes in 2012, 2016, 2017, and 2018. France won the Women’s World Cup. Dutch teams stayed out of the medals in Antwerp.

A clean bird Praasterink in the World Cup to the final on a 10-meter tower

9.19 pm: Guurtje Praasterink reached the final on the 10m tower at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. The 19-year-old Dutchman scored his eleventh result in Sunday’s semi-final. The top twelve of the eighteen entrants qualified for Monday’s final. Earlier today, Prastrrink also finished 11th in the preliminary round.

Brastrink reached 289.80 points after five jumps. Chinese diving girls dominated. 16-year-old Chen Yuxi scored the highest score with 427.00 points, followed by her 15-year-old compatriot and Olympic champion Quan Hongchan with 413.70 points. The difference with 3rd seed Kylie McKay of Canada was huge. Recorded 336.30. More than a year ago, Prastrrink failed to reach the final of the European Championships in Budapest. The debutante finished fourteenth in the semi-finals.

Dutch golfers out of the top on the last day in Munich

6.24 pm: Dutch golfers pulled out of the top of the standings on the final day of the BMW International Open in Munich. Darius Van Driel finished the joint 10th place after a day of 72 strokes, having started the day in fourth. Dan Huizing, who was still third after two out of four days, finished the championship 36th with a 74-stroke run on Sunday. Will Besling was also a day shorter and fell to 26th place.

Belgian Thomas Peters and Li Huatong of China had to decide the tournament winner at Golf Club Eichenried in Munich, because after four rounds they had the same number of strokes (266). The Chinese needed the fewest hits and crowned himself with victory.

Van Drel finished at 273, Besseling at 277 and Huizing at 279.

Irish rider Coyle prevents Jochems from winning the Rotterdam Grand Prix

5:51 PM: Show jumper Kevin Jochems missed the Rotterdam Grand Prix victory at the CHIO Equestrian Festival in Crawlings Boss. The 26-year-old Dutch rider set the fastest jump time with his horse Cornetboy with 37.20 seconds, but saw Ireland’s Daniel Coyle sink in 36.69 seconds.

In the jump with fourteen groups, including four Dutch jockeys, Jokems managed to improve France’s Julien Abelard’s fastest time of 37.49. Then there were tense minutes for the Dutch player, who had to watch how the last squads would turn out. Only the last Quill player was narrowly faster with Oak Grove’s Carlisle and stayed clear.

In addition to the Jochems, Patrick Lehmann, Lars Kerstin and Hessel Hoekstra also made the jump in Rotterdam. Lemmen stayed right out of the podium with an Exit Remo at a time of 38.48 and finished fourth. Christine finished seventh with Emerton in 39.84 seconds. Hoekstra completed the course with Icon VDL with four staff points and placed ninth.

Experienced riders such as Willem Gref, Mark Hotsager, Harry Smulders and defending champion Sunny Thijsen missed the kick-off. Tejsen competed not with her stallion Kun Quidam, with whom she participated in the Nations Cup won by the Netherlands, but with the chief’s stallion. However, the horse refused to jump the wall. Completed the course with 20 penalty points. Smulders, who also started not with his best horse Monaco, but with Une de l’Othain, scored 8 penalty points, just like Greve and Houtzager.

Sailor Akkerman closes out Kielerwoche in third place

4:23 PM: Sailor Mirthe Akkerman won a bronze medal in the laser class at Kielerwoche. De Friezin finished fifth in the medal race. That was enough to stay ahead of her training partner Maxime Juncker. Juncker finished fourth. The gold in Kiel, North Germany, went to Australian Mara Stransky.

In the 17th click race, Leila van der Meer and Bjarne Burnie took second place in the medal race. She gave the duo seventh place in the final standings.

In the 49er class, Bart Lambriex and Floris van de Werken finished 15th, not enough to participate in the medal race.

Clean Flying Praasterink in the eleventh World Cup to the semi-finals

3:27 pm: Dipper Guurtje Praasterink reached the semi-finals on a 10-meter tower at the World Championships in Budapest. The 19-year-old Dutchman scored his eleventh in the preliminary round, more than enough to carry the top eighteen to the semi-finals later on Sunday. The final, with the top twelve from the semi-finals, comes a day later.

Praasterink finished eighth after the first two of the five attempts, thanks to a good second jump. In the end it finished at 287.80 points. China’s 16-year-old Chen Yuxi scored the highest score (413.95) for her 15-year-old compatriot and Olympic champion Quan Hongzhan and Ingrid Oliveira of Brazil.

Water polo players through to the World Cup quarter-finals

3.14 pm: Dutch water polo players reached the quarter-finals of the World Championships in Hungary. Team Orange beat Canada 10-7 in the middle round on Sunday. The standings were 1-2 2-1 6-2 1-2.

Where things went evenly in the first two periods, Holland escaped in the third quarter by a margin of four strokes. That had to be defended in the last quarter against Canadian pressure. The leading role was played by goalkeeper Laura Arts, who had to take two hits, but also made several saves. Lola Mulhouseen was named the best player of the match. With two hits, the talent put Holland at a 5-3 lead in the third quarter.

The contender in the battle for a place in the top four is Greece, who, like the Netherlands, were stranded in the quarter-finals four years ago in Guangzhou. Dutch coach Evangelos Dodisis will meet with his compatriots in Budapest. He succeeded the Greek Arno Havnga after the Olympics, having been his assistant for a few years.

Judoka Meyer won the silver and Vant End and Korel took third place in Mongolia

2:56 pm: Judoka Roy Mayer took silver in the +100kg class on the final day of the Grand Slam in Ulaanbaatar. The man from Breda lost in the final to Russia’s Inal Tasoyev. For Noel van te End (-90 kg) and Michael Correll (-100 kg) there were bronze medals in the capital of Mongolia. This brings the total number of medals won by the Netherlands to four. On Saturday, Frank de Witt had already taken the bronze medal in the weight category up to 81 kg.

Mayer (31) defeated Hyuga Ota in the semifinals, the Japanese who had eliminated Your Spikers shortly before that. Then European champion Spikers got stuck in the replay. Mayer Batasoyev was surprised by a quick Ebon.

Van End lost in the semi-finals to Uzbek Davlat Bubunov, but managed to score the golden result with three penalties in the bronze fight in Kyrgyzstan Irlan Shirov. Corel, just like European champion Spikers, stunned in the semi-finals with a quick attack from world number one Jorge Fonseca of Portugal. Corel also recovered and put Japan’s Kentaro Ida with three penalty kicks.

For Simone Katharina (-100 kg) and Jesper Smenk (-90 kg), the tournament ended in the second round.

Bronze for Van der Veen / Schlosser at the Shooting World Cup

2:54 pm: Shooters Rick van der Veen and Gabi Schlosser won the bronze medal as a recurring mixed team at the World Cup competition in Paris. In the match for third place, the duo was too strong for Slovenia 6-0. Van der Veen and Schlosser also took bronze at the World Cup in South Korea this season and became European champions in that segment earlier this month.

The Dutch duo lost 5-3 to the United States in the semi-finals, making bronze the highest score achievable. That became the only medal for the Netherlands in Paris.

Sasaki wins moto3 a month after breaking his collarbone

12.03 pm: Japanese motorcycle racer Ayumu Sasaki won the Moto3 race in the Assen TT. It was his first win in the lightest category at the World Championships. A month ago he broke his collarbone and fell.

Sasaki started the race from pole position, but 17-year-old Izan Guevara took the lead on lap two. The Spaniard was able to maintain the lead for periods, but by the end of the race it became crowded up front. Sasaki took the lead again three laps before the end. He withstood a number of attacks from Guevara in the exciting final stage.

On the last lap, three drivers from the leading group crashed simultaneously, but were unharmed. Last year’s winner, Italian Denis Foggia, also flew off the bike.

Spaniard Sergio Garcia finished third and managed to maintain the championship lead. Guevara was four points behind due to his second place finish and is still three points behind.

Gajser motocross racer takes the lead in MXGP

11.17 am: Motocross racer Tim Gajser has cemented his leading position in the Indonesian MXGP World Championships. The Slovenian won both motos on his Honda at the Samuta-Sumbawa circuit. Glenn Coldenhoff finished fourth and sixth. The Dutch are fifth in the World Cup.

Spaniard Jorge Prado finished second in both races, a position he also holds in the standings after twelve of the nineteen races.

Dutchman Calvin Flanders is 10th, Brian Bogers has missed the top 10 in both races, Bogers is eighth in the World Cup standings, and Flanders is currently ninth. World champion Jeffrey Herlings will miss the whole year with an injury.

Sydney McLaughlin sets a new world record in the 400m hurdles

07:04 AM: Hurdle sprinter Sydney McLaughlin broke her own world record in the 400 meters on Saturday night at the US Athletics Championships in Eugene. McLaughlin (22) set a time of 51.41 seconds in the final. She was five hundredths of a second faster than the world record she set at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last year. Then she raced for gold in 51.46 seconds.

Bretton Wilson finished second with a time of 53.08 seconds. Third place went to Shamier Little (53.92).

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