May 25, 2024


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Should the growth of the Zealand population depend on it here?

Should the growth of the Zealand population depend on it here?

As for the province, it is about birth and death statistics, but not those who have moved from the municipality or who have come to live there. Where newly established residents come from is also important; From abroad or elsewhere in the Netherlands. The province insists it is about anonymous data.

Population growth

By the end of last year, it was clear that the number of residents in the province had grown faster than expected. According to the statistics of thirteen Zillah municipalities, Zeeland grew by about 1800 people last year. As a result, the official population of the province stood at 385,455 at the end of December.

Work from home

This development was also observed in the Provincial Housing Committee. The group includes the province of Zealand and thirteen Zealand municipalities, housing associations, homeowners and estate agents. “You see more people migrating to Zeeland, because people work more from home, and you can quickly conclude that the reason for this is that they are no longer bound to Randstad. Is this right, and will it continue?” Deputy Dick van der Velde (VVD) Denial of the Province of Zeeland. “That’s why we like to study statistics as a team so we can see if we can adjust our strategy.” According to Van der Velde, the figures should provide some clarity in May.

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