Sick Linda Hagboom: ‘I want to go to the hospital’

“I always knew chemo was a good medicine, but now I feel like going to the hospital every time,” he says. Linda has already shared seven vols about her illness and reactions, questions and support reports are being poured into her own social media channels.

It is almost impossible to respond personally to all of this. That’s why came up with a question-and-answer question where the 38-year-old could easily answer many questions. When asked how she is, she responds surprisingly positively: “I always knew chemo was a good medicine, but now I feel like going back to the hospital. I like chemo as much as possible in my body because now I feel it works better”, the presenter honestly said. Says.

“I say this with a side note, of course: the cancer is not gone yet. I’m very happy to catch it, but we’re still a long way from there. But such a big Of the piece The process is already over and I am very happy with it. “

The presenter has a long way to go. “I know from last week that a small breast augmentation operation will be performed and then the tumor and the lymph nodes where the metastasis is located will be removed. It can go in all directions: a great activity, but radiation or chemo pills – the first activity that I can do at home for six months is a good interim solution that will give me some more information. “

Linda is especially honest about her cancer treatment. In the video below he explains how difficult it is.

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