Silk Jonkman and Job Etcsma were selected to compete in the European Cross Country Championships in Italy

Athletes Silk Jonckmann from Haren and Job Eetsma from Groningen have been selected to compete in the European Cross Country Championships in Turin, Italy, which will take place on Sunday, December 11th. The 25-year-old Junkman achieved a real feat this year and became the Dutch cross-country champion last weekend during the Warandeloop in Tilburg. IJtsma was the fourth Dutchman, but was second in the category up to 23 years old.

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These performances were decisive for the selection. Jonkman and IJtsma are members of the 4Mijl team in Groningen and are making a name for themselves through their achievements. Jonkman recently won Plantswinloop and was victorious at 4Mijl in October. It was the first time in thirty years that a Dutch woman had won the running race between Haren and Wiesmarkt in Groningen. In August, Jonkmann finished eleventh in the 10,000 meters during her debut at the European Championships in Munich.

IJtsma runs over all distances between 800 and 10,000 metres. This past weekend, the Hoogeveen-bred Groninger slowly got off to a catching-up start later in the race. Worked fine. It resulted in fifth place in the men’s total. Both athletes will take place in December in the Piemonte-La Mandria park, located on the outskirts of Turin. The course is very diverse due to the different surfaces and the difference in elevation, even the athletes run through the castle.

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