Simons helped PSV well in the cup match with Sparta

Xavi Simons assisted PSV well in scoring their opening goal in the cup match they won against Sparta Rotterdam (1-2). “I train a lot in situations like this,” the attacking midfielder points out, noting his good running movement. “I have to do this more often. We’re working on it. It was also a great combination.”

In the end Simmons got the ball from Eric Gutierrez, one of the stars for PSV. Goalkeeper Nick Oleg left no chance with a predictable shot. With Noni Madueki winning 0-2, the match seemed to be over, but it became even more exciting when Arno Verschuren punished a mistake by goalkeeper Joel Drommel.

PSV were unable to beat Sparta (0-0) in their own stadium on Saturday. “I played really bad at the time,” admits Simmons. “I know that myself. Fortunately, things are going better now,” said the quarterback, who was still close to 1-3 going into the final stretch. “I was pulled but I still wanted to score. That’s why I didn’t lie down. Then I had a cramp. I understand I’ve been substituted, because the season is still a long way away. There are still many great games to come.”

Playing football in the rain and storm needs to get used to Simmons, after his adventures with the Dutch national team in the World Cup in Qatar. The Amsterdam-born kid still has a smile on his face when he is reminded of his debut against the United States. “I also got nice messages from many people from PSV,” he says. “I learned a lot at the World Cup. I saw how players like Virgil van Dijk and Frenkie de Jong live such a tournament. They don’t rest and always give 100 per cent. I carry such experiences in my backpack. I can do what with it.”

Simmons also wants to lead a team, first at PSV and later the Dutch national team. There is already a vacancy at his club from PSV after the departure of Cody Jacobo to Liverpool. “I wish him this transition, but it’s a pity for us,” Simons realizes. “He was very important with all his goals and assists. But we have to go on without him. It’s no different.”

Source: National Ports Agency

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