Since then, Dutch road racing star: Tony Covina

Tony Covina – Imola 2012

Dutch road racing champion last year, where did he go, what he does today and how he views the current road racing sport. Every week we bring you the best Dutch road races from the past in our ‘Best Dutch road races since’ section and ask them all a series of (same) questions. This week: Tony Covina.

Who is Tony Covina?

  • Noun: Tony Covina
  • Nickname:
  • Boy: 04-05-1992
  • Accommodation: din ding
  • partner: Evji from Lock
  • Start a road racing career: 2005
  • Active in: ONK, IDM, EK STK600, EK STK1000, World Supersport
  • Number of titles: 0
  • The end of the road racing career: 2015
  • current occupation: Microsolidaire Specialist
  • Facebook social network: Tony Covina
  • Twitter: nvt
  • Instagram: N / A

How did you deal with road racing back then?

An acquaintance of ours once won a mini bike at the fair and presented it to us. It all started with this little bike.

With which driver did you have the best fights on the track?

I competed well with many drivers in different classes. The most memorable is Dominik Vincon in the IDM Yamaha R6 Cup and at the STK600 in Portimão with Franco Morbidelli, Gauthier Duwelz and Bastien Chesaux.

Best motorcycle I’ve ever ridden and why?

Kawasaki ZX6-R. I thought it was a very nice stable bike, so I could go fast with it relatively easily.

What is your favorite track that you rode and why?

Imola. This is the track that suits my driving style and where I often get the best results of the season.

What’s the weirdest and funniest thing you’ve seen in a race?

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All the cars run on the racetracks and everything that happened after the race. This is something you will not encounter in any other sport.

What is the best thing you learned from racing?

I remember the memories with my dad, Lau and Woberis, from the bad times to my best races. The three of us have spent most of my career with her. Only then, after I stopped racing, did I realize how fun and special this was all. As an active driver, this often seems normal or obvious, but this is not the case at all.

What did you do after your active road racing career?

After my active road racing career, I started working in the Army. This is because I was still in the middle of my studies did not continue. Then I started my own company, TCtronics, where I do complex motherboard repairs by precision soldering.

Do you still exercise in any way?

Last year I started again with the occasional motor racing day. We will expand this next year, only the implementation of this will depend in part on all the measures that will or will not be in place in the coming period. In addition, I am active as a teacher on Trackdays4All several times a year.

Which current driver do you respect the most and why?

Bo Bindsneider. Sure, it hasn’t always been easy in recent years, but it still manages to keep going. The level at which he rides is very high, which makes good results even more remarkable.

Who do you see as the greatest (currently active) road racing talent in the Netherlands and why?

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I think there are many drivers with a lot of talent who are achieving success. From my position, I’m having a hard time deciding who has the greatest potential here. Ultimately, it all comes down to the teams you’re riding in, the guidance you have around, the financial resources available and the time allotted to you.

How do you view the current races, both nationally and internationally, from your experience?

I think the level has definitely gone up compared to the last few years, especially in the lower classes where you really see very experienced racers running around. Plus, you now get a very large pool of 300 class riders all competing for the same seats in back-to-back classes.

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