Singer Kate Bush thanks the makers of Stranger Things for unexpected hit #1

It was released in 1985 and now, 37 years later, it is #1 in the UK and #2 worldwide after Mega hit as it was by Harry Styles. Classic 80’s Running over this hill Singer Kate Bush broke into the charts, thanks to a hit Netflix Weird things

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Stranger Things Revival Music by Kate Bush

44 years after her last success at number one, British singer Kate Bush is once again fully involved in music. Creators of the exciting series Something stranges Choose the number ran that hill For a major scene of the Netflix series, which led to unprecedented success.

The song is a recurring factor in the series, with music playing a large role in combating the fearsome… bad guy Vienna from the series. One of the main teenage characters, Max Mayfield (played by Sadie Sink) obsessively plays the song – her favorite song – in hopes of outsmarting Vecna. This makes you hear the song a lot throughout the series and gives it a safe and ominous association.

Congratulations from Kate Bush

The 63-year-old singer is overwhelmed with all the love and attention the song has suddenly received. On her website, she writes: “I am overwhelmed with all the love and attention the song gets and it all happens so fast. As if it were driven by a racial force.”

Moreover, Kate Bush has only words of praise for the makers Weird thingswhich – which Running over this hill In her opinion, “positively”. You also think it’s bravery from the makers Weird thingstwins Matt and Ross Dover, they dared to make Season 4 even more mature and dark.

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