Sister Wives fans angry at Kody’s shocking request

In the episode, Kristen tells him it’s time to honestly tell their daughter about their upcoming move to Utah. That’s not what Cody doesn’t like, which he doesn’t come with. “I was always hoping somewhere that things would be okay and that we would get back together,” he says.

Now that Kristen’s home has been sold, the breakup is a reality and that’s what makes him angry. “I don’t want to take my things out of the house at all. Kristen kicked me out of the house. I didn’t want to leave at all, and I certainly didn’t give her my hero’s permission,” Blower told the camera.

Cody thinks he always gives his women the feeling that they have control over their lives, but he doesn’t feel that way the other way around.

It doesn’t stop there. Cody describes Kristen’s actions as “hostile” and “knife in the back”. He thinks she is acting rashly and should discuss everything with him first. Kristen clearly disagrees. “It might sound rushed to you, but I wanted it much earlier,” she explains to him. According to Kristen, Cody’s stuff is still in her house because he refuses to take his stuff out of the garage.

Viewers find Cody’s statements completely strange. On Twitter, comes one tweet after another in which Cody is severely reprimanded.

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