Six legendary catch-up races for Christmas boy Max Verstappen

Austrian Grand Prix, 2019
His starting position was still very favorable before the starting lights went out, but after a poor start, Max Verstappen slipped away. What follows is a catch-up race in which it is not so often noticed how many people are outdone, but especially who. From eighth place, he works his way up to the top of the race and eventual victory under his power. Before that, with a Honda engine in the rear, it traverses all the big names of the sport, including Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel and future superstar Charles Leclerc. Even the race management couldn’t stop him from winning when it was checked whether the move on Monegask was completely fair.

2015 Belgian Grand Prix
In Max Verstappen’s first season as a Toro Rosso racing driver, the Dutchman steals the show at Spa-Francorchamps. A penalty kick in the net brings him back to the eighteenth place on the net after qualifying. With a resounding catch-up race, he finished eighth on Sunday. Maybe it’s not the final standings that makes him such a great race to catch up, but his actions. The maneuvering out of Felipe Nasr in Blanchemont is engraved in the memory of every F1 fan.

2016 Brazilian Grand Prix
This race is not a traditional make-up race in the sense that it has a poor starting position at the start. During a wet GP Max Verstappen decides to get a fresh set of full wet in the final stage of the race, knowing he’ll be back a lot. What follows is a key lesson in wet riding. In a few laps, he made his way from 16th to 3rd. The Red Bull driver finds stability where other drivers don’t. The comparison with the legendary Ayrton Senna was not exaggerated after that race.

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Fan China Grand Prix, 2017
In a half season where bad luck appears in the wake of Max Verstappen, the China Grand Prix is ​​one bright spot. Nobody would have said that beforehand, because due to engine problems, the Dutchman starts from 16th. Just like in Brazil six months ago, the youngster is taking full advantage of the humid conditions. The opening round in particular is fantastic. On the first pass, he already took seventh place, and at the end of the race he took third, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo.

US Grand Prix, 2017 and 2018
That same year, Max Verstappen showed at the Circuit of the Americas that he usually knows how to find the way forward. Thanks to the new engine, the then two-time Grand Prix winner will start in 16th place. He is already driving to the podium, but is being pushed back due to what the race management considers an illegal overtaking on Kimi Raikkonen. A year later, “sandwiches” were placed inside those turns to prevent recurrence. Verstappen of all people breaks the steering wheel suspension during qualifying. Verstappen retaliates a day later by repeating the catch-up race from 2017, but this time he finished in second place.

Russian Grand Prix, 2021
Max Verstappen has not taken a net penalty at some point in the season after losing an engine in a major crash at Silverstone. Red Bull chose to do so in Sochi, where he had already taken a penalty in a crash with Hamilton in the race at Monza. The catch-up race that follows is taken by former drivers such as Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas who are also at the rear of the grid, but behind Fernando Alonso, the lead is lagging. However, when the rainwaters drop in the last stage, his early changer to psychics is like a fish in the water and tosses himself into second place.

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