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ESBEEK – Six new contracts are likely to be issued this fall at Mierbeek Business Park in Esbeek. The zoning plan for this expansion is already available for examination. The landowner, Reyrink Group from Haghorst, will allocate the lot themselves.

The municipality of Hilvarenbeek initially had no intention of Rierink to operate the expansion. Several entrepreneurs indicated that they are looking for space to expand and the municipality wants to provide space for that. Agreement has now been reached on this.

,,,,, We talked about this for a long time and came to an agreement on the use of the lottery. The owner will publish it, but the municipality is responsible. We have several companies on our shortlist. And we want to define a number of “admission requirements” in relation to sustainability and employment, for example,” explains local councilman Ted van de Loo.

Ambrosiusweg not sure yet

Furthermore, “Mierbeek-Noord” was included in a deal related to Reyrink’s transfer from Haghorst to Ambrosiusweg in Hilvarenbeek. The latter location is not completely confirmed yet, but the municipality is committed to it.

A schematic diagram of what it would look like. The compost plant can be seen below, the light green plant will be the new business park and the planting on the left is a proposal. This is for the green belt at the top. © Hilvarenbeek Municipality / Neuplow

The documents officially indicate that Reyrink is leaving Esbeekseweg as well. This is about the farm standing there with the land accompanying it. This agricultural work must give way to a number of houses room by room. Van de Loo does not want to disclose how much money is involved. “It involves a lot of money. We have calculated everything,” said the member of the House of Representatives.

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When will there be state aid?

A law firm is included in the municipality’s list when you talk about state aid. This is not the case if the company benefits from a zoning plan change. In Esbeek, farmland is converted into an industrial area, which is worth much more. Especially if those plots are allocated and homes are built. Van de Loo explains that its purpose is to pay for the necessary transportation to Ambrosiusweg.

Reyrink and Roozen van Hoppe’s plans to leave Haghorst for a new business park in Ambrosiusweg will be discussed next week at the Spatial Planning Committee. The new zoning plan for Maerbeek North must be approved by the Council at a later date. It has a total area of ​​27000 square meters with plots of up to 5000 square meters. A green area will be established with a total area of ​​25,000 square meters.

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