Skaters and sports students are ‘excited’ about a new urban sports park in Kos

According to Edzard van Ewijk, teacher at CIOS Sports School Urban game Already a separate lesson in CIOS. For him it is logical because the demand is there and tough outdoor sports are becoming increasingly popular.

Van Ewijk and Jori van Wallenburg from the SMWO welfare organization in Goes were guests this afternoon. Zeeland Room. They talked about a new urban sports park to be built next year in Goes-Noord to replace the outdated and worn-out skate track in Goes-Zuid.

Outdoor sports such as cycling or scootering on a bump track, skating, mountain biking or free running are becoming increasingly popular these days. Sometimes they seem to push back traditional sports like hockey or football. There are plans to build bump tracks in several locations in the province, also described as ‘aerodynamic bump tracks’ for scooters and BMX bikes.

Youth worker Van Wallenburg, a mountain biker, doesn’t believe oppression exists. According to him, the urban playground is a good addition to the existing sports and can ensure that children get more exercise, especially in this place where many playgrounds are already located together. “There will still be a demand for other sports, but young people today have many choices. Skate track or pump track is very attractive because young people don’t have to show up at the training ground at a certain time. It’s social. There’s no pressure to perform, younger kids can do tricks on their own time without getting in the way. Kids can watch and if they aren’t brave enough on the skating rink yet, they can work on their skills on the pump. Follow the spider throwing on their scooters before starting on the skating rink.”

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Van Wallenburg compares the bump track course to a ski area with blue, red and black slopes, where beginners and advanced skiers each find their own challenge. He feels that a team sport and urban sport can be well combined. Lecturer van Eyck agrees. “Every target group can go wild.” Von Wallenburg thinks that more brothers and sisters may come too.

That is why both are very happy that the municipality of Kos is now investing almost one million euros in the construction of the park. Van Ewijk and Van Wallenburg think the location will attract distance athletes looking for new places and challenges.

Van Ewijk also sees many opportunities for early education. For example, he imagines it would be great if a group of CIOS students gave clinics to 6 children. “That’s why we’re implementing the park in our education. We’ve gone over the existing games with the cheese slicer. There. We’re going to make the most of it.”

Soon the users, especially the current team of Gos-Zuid, who were at the cradle of the project, will go to the drawing board with the other parties involved. They are clearly involved in the design of the park. And beginners, because they are sometimes avoided, says youth worker Jori van Wallenburg.

The urban sports park should be ready ‘sometime’ by 2023.

Ask the Zeeland Chamber again about the urban sports facility

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