Skaters are not eligible in the team pursuit, Canada Gold

After the euphoria about the new record in Thielef came disappointment. The time was canceled and the Dutch team was disqualified from the result, because Pune showed a patch of skin on her ankle while riding. This is not allowed for the safety of the skaters.

Gold and the world title now go to Olympic champion Canada. Valerie Maltese, Yvonne Blondin and Isabelle Weidmann were faster than Japan and the United States with a time of 2.54.58.


In addition to her first world title, Pune also nabbed what happened to her socks. “I couldn’t do anything else,” she said. “I had put these stockings in my shoes beforehand, and they were out on the way.” During the race you didn’t realize that was happening. “There’s a woman checking the height of the ice. She checks me out and sees her ankles are covered, so let me go on the ice.”

National team coach Reintje Ritsma was disappointed at his exclusion. “If those are the rules, then these are the rules. We can’t change that,” he said. “The only thing we can do is make sure it’s a learning moment for next time. It must not happen again.”

very pungent

Ritsma felt sorry for the skaters. “It’s so upsetting for the girls. I’m so disappointed for those girls and especially for Joey. But luckily Erin and Marijki were there for her. It was good to see that.”

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