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With a 9.8 opening and 25.1 laps, Verbig finished in 34 seconds and is still a long way from the podium. Dobroi won with a time of 34.57 seconds over Russian Artem Arifgev (34.60) and scored his second victory in the World Cup in the 500 meters. Paul Marek surprised Kania with a new personal best of 34.65 and took bronze.

Day Day Ntap also failed to set a time of under 35 seconds in the third 500-meter international. The bronze medalist at the World Cup in the 500 meters took 35.06 and placed 13th. The N’tab was slightly faster than Hein Otterspeer who scored 35.08 and finished 14th.

Nor was the 500m distance from Merijn Scheperkamp completely clear. With an imbalance in the last outside corner, he led 35.24. He finished eighteen. Janno Botman reached 35.62 earlier today in the B Division.

Verbig admitted that Dutch skaters are still far from winning times. “Eighth is definitely not the goal. It doesn’t really run in the 500m and not in the 1,000m yet,” the 27-year-old jumbo-visma skier at NOS said. “I have my own reasons for not driving well, though. The possibility of filling these gaps. But it’s not fun. This season is far from that.”

The world 1,000m champion knows he doesn’t have to peak at the World Cup just yet. “The prizes will be given out in February,” he noted, referring to the Beijing Olympics. “But we want to show the shape. That’s still a bit disappointing,” Verbig said we.

Leerdam VII

Jota Leerdam finished seventh during his second World Cup competition of the season in the 500 metres. The 22-year-old South Holland came in 38.06 seconds. The victory went again to American Erin Jackson, who defeated Nao Kodaira of Japan.

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Jackson recorded her third consecutive World Cup victory in the 500 metres. The 29-year-old American made a quick opener of 10.45 and the last good inside corner came to 37.61, making her 0.10 faster than Kodaira. Poland’s Kaja Ziomek beat world champion Angelina Golikova with a score of 37.74 and came third.

Fimk Kok came to the time of 38.37 and became the twelfth. Already 21-year-old Friesen indicated on Friday that she is still not quite fit after being disappointed for the 1,000 metres. The Reggeborgh skater is still far from the times she won four World Cup races in a row last season in the 500 metres.

Skaters fall in team sprint and catch next to World Cup ticket

The Dutch skaters finished ninth and final in the sprint segment due to falls. As a result, the Netherlands also loses the entry ticket to the World Championship team, which will take place in the World Cup race in March next year in Hamar, Norway.

Stefan Westenbrück, Serge Euro and Tejmann Snell arrive on ice in Holland. In the second round Euro crashed and the team finished in ninth place. To qualify for the World Cup, a place in the top eight was required. Runners from China won Norway and Poland.

The team’s runners qualified for the World Cup. The trio of Michel de Jong, Marit Velideros and Vimki Kok came fourth. The win went to Poland ahead of Canada and China.

Skiers stay away from the inaccessible Van der Poel

The Dutch figure skaters still have a lot of work to do if they are to give Swede Nils van der Poel some resistance at the 10km at the Beijing Olympics. Gurit Bergsma finished second, at least 17 seconds behind the Swede, who was not close to winning with a time of 12.38.92 seconds. Patrick Roest even shed more than 36 seconds and finished 9th.

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Van der Poel pulled off immediately in the final stage against Bergsma and took a half-second lap over the Dutch champion, who had ridden 12.39.67 at NK distances in good conditions. However, the world champion from Sweden was able to set a faster time in challenging conditions on the Norwegian track in Stavanger with laps as low as 30sec and even faster closing laps at 29sec. It stayed well below the record of 12.50.97 for absentee Sven Kramer.

Ted Jan Bloemen, from Canada, had set the bar at 13.00.23 for the final stage of Van der Poel and Bergsma. The reigning Olympic champion had to see how Bergsma was still under his time with 12.56.08 and thus finished third.

On his journey, Rost saw Russian Alexander Rumyantsev driving away from him. The Dutch 10km record holder was unable to reduce lap times in the second part of the race. With the last two laps at 32 and 33 seconds he collapsed and came in at 13.15.08.

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