small bathroom? This way you still make room for a shower

Bath and shower combination

Sure, the shower and tub would take up a lot of space in a small bathroom, but a shower in the bathroom? That may be possible. The bottom of the bathtub can get quite slippery when you take a shower, so lay down a non-slip mat for safety or choose a bathtub with a fairly flat bottom.

Can be combined with a walk-in shower

Do you prefer separate showers and showers? In this case, it is often better to opt for a walk-in shower. This takes up less space – because you only need one wall instead of an entire room – and it gives a much wider view.

Free standing bath

A freestanding bath is often deeper, higher, and narrower in width. This makes it take up less space. You may not be able to lie down completely, but at least you can shower it up to your neck.

Japanese bathtub

The Japanese bathtub is also known as a bathtub or bathtub. It is a special sit-down basin for bathrooms with limited space, as it takes up very little floor space. And thanks to its shape, the water in the shower stays warm for a long time! The dimensions of this bathtub range from 65-70 cm in depth and not more than 1.2 meters in diameter.

Bathtubs come in round and square shapes. Originally, overrosses were made of wood, but you also have them made of acrylic or even brass and stainless steel. Brutal look. With this heavy bathtub, make sure you have a solid floor. Plus, going up to the bathroom can be a challenge. A small staircase beside it might then be desirable.

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Think beyond the bathroom

The bathroom may be very small, but have you thought about the bedroom? By placing a luxury freestanding bathroom in the bedroom, you can create an elegant hotel interior design. You can also consider rooms with a sloping roof, such as an attic. If you’re in the bathroom you don’t really need a high ceiling, so you can place the bathroom under a low or pitched roof.

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