Small majority for new business park in Misterweg

Many doubts about the proof of B and W

Written by Bernard Harvesterkamp

WINTERSWIJK – The coalition parties Winterswijks Belang, VVD, GroenLinks and PvdA will continue to support the development of a new business park in Misterweg. The differing views and commentators who made it clear that there was little or no support for the proposal did not change the coalition’s view. Suspicion only increased among opposition parties CDA, Voor Winterswijk and D66. They found that the mayor and city council member’s proposal was not well founded.

Controversial need for a new business complex
An important point of discussion at the September 9 general committee meeting was whether the need for new places to set up a large company such as B&W and the claim of Ondernemerskring Winterswijk (OWIN). Locals in Misterweg and Bessinkgoorweg told the day before they didn’t think so. They, as well as Voor Winterswijk and CDA, say that there is still enough space in the existing industrial areas. The needs of the companies are based on a survey conducted among the companies. Because it contains company names, B and W do not wish to make this survey public. Council members can see it. Wim Wassink (CDA) and Tom van Beek (Voor Winterswijk) did not like it. “Of course, companies easily indicate in such a survey that they want to expand,” Van Beek says.

Do more activations
As a member of the VVD Council, Tom Van Beek has regularly requested more space for companies during his previous council term. This does not mean that it is now automatically in a new business pool. “We want to speed up the process of revitalizing the existing business complex.” He cites Narcistraat as an example. “Nothing has happened there yet.” He also sees that the large empty space in the railway area has not yet been filled. “Set the preconditions there, until something happens.” Wim Wassink mentions Signify, the former Philips, which will be available. On Friday 10 September, construction of the Winterwarm also began at the new location in the De Slinge business district. In time, the old website of the company will become available. Four hectares of Obelink have already been found in Arrisveld. Many believe this will save two major space users in the survey.

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Independent growth of 1 hectare
Alderman Inge Klein Gunnewiek continues to emphasize that the need for a new business park does exist. You are talking about the medium and long term. There may still be space for the coming years, after which a new site will have to be built somewhere and Misterweg will be most suitable for this. The local council member notes that the vacancy rate in Winterswijk is low. This is one indication that space is needed elsewhere. In addition, if you look at the past decades, according to a local council member, there was an independent growth of the business complex on an area of ​​u200bu200bone hectare. Depending on this, the available space will run out over time. Wassink also sees independent growth as not a good argument. “A lot could change in the coming years. Let’s do that first with the areas that are still available. There is enough space in the inner city for new malls.” Alderman Klein Gunnewiek says that construction on Misterweg won’t start soon if the requesting company can’t really go to the existing malls.

There is still a long way to go
While there was much skepticism among the CDA, Voor Winterswijk and D66 that a “yes” to Misterweg was unlikely, there is no doubt among the coalition parties. Peter Voogt (GroenLinks) mentions all kinds of ifs and buts in his speech. However, GroenLinks became convinced of the need for a new business pool. He stresses that it must be developed in phases and must be sustainable. Tineke van der Plas (VVD) has no discussion points. However, like many others, it requires attention and care from the agricultural company Klumper, whose lands lie largely between Misterweg and Bessinkgoorweg and will have to be purchased. Tim Jonker (Voor Winterswijk) believes the demand for industrial zones has been sufficiently substantiated. “We all know the demand is there.” He would have liked the process to go faster. Although it must be done carefully. Max van Eyck (PvdA) is last on the list of political groups, and thus can be brief. He has some concerns, but a local council member reassures him. It says again that first an environmental vision for the entire region will be developed. This has been carefully crafted and every local resident and interested person can contribute to it. Once an environmental vision is established, a zoning plan will be drawn up each time the company wants to establish itself in Misterweg. Sharing is possible again. There is still a long way to go before the first shovel is put into the ground.

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