Small Steps for Horticultural Seed Companies Collective Labor Agreement

View wages and pay for one time

Employers have increased the wage offer from 4% to 5% for the duration of a one-year collective agreement. In addition, they want to pay 750 euros for one time.
We made a counter offer. We assume a one-year collective labor agreement with a nominal gross increase of €150 per month and an increase of 2.5%. This is an increase of about 8.5% for the lowest wages and about 5.5% for people in the highest scale H. In addition, we want a one-time lump-sum payment of €1,000 as of January 1, 2023.

80/80/100 lines

In addition, we also discussed substantively the employers’ proposal to include the 80/80/100 scheme in the collective labor agreement. According to employers, vital days must be handed over for this. Additionally, employers want the scope to possibly be designing another sustainable employability measure with the Works Council.

We think this proposal is very weak. We actually want to pay 90% for 80% of the work in this arrangement. It’s a first step towards a good big scheme. But only if:

  • The unions will engage in a negative deviation from this proposal.
  • Vitality days will be preserved, because the financial benefit of this proposal is very limited
  • These vital days can only be exchanged if the 80/80/100 regulation is improved.

The inclusion of the RVU system is still a bridge too far.

Travel expenses, work from home scheme, minimum wage

to me We see space being created for travel costs and the arrangement of working from home. But employers still need to discuss this with their supporters. We will also continue to stick to the proposal to increase the legal minimum wage from January 1. This creates more purchasing power at the bottom of the wage structure. It will also become more attractive for seasonal workers to work in this sector.

To what extent?

On Tuesday, November 22, we will discuss a new collective labor agreement from January 1, 2023. The two sides have expressed their intention to make every effort to conclude a new collective labor agreement for garden seed companies from January 1, 2023.

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