Smallingerland: less environmentally friendly in public places

Municipalities are legally obligated to keep outdoor space at a certain minimum level. In Smallingerland, the ‘Realistic and Effective’ level was selected in 2018. This means the municipality is doing what is necessary, but nothing extra. Preserving what is there sustainably and ensuring that unsafe situations do not arise. Like removing dead tree branches that can break. So far with less money to spend, the municipality continues to meet the minimum level. But residents will see and notice changes in the outdoor space.


The grass will be higher, because most areas are mowed once or twice a year. The flowers and herbs are likely to bloom. This is good for insects and biodiversity, but it will also increase pollen in the air and blow your gardens. People who are sensitive to this can suffer from more allergies. Pruning is less frequent in public places. Every year the municipality receives hundreds of requests from residents about pruning or removing trees or shrubs. The municipality is looking critically about what is necessary.

In Smallingerland, mowing is done during the growing season from April to October. Not as much as before, most areas once or twice a year. Often only specific areas, such as playgrounds and other small fields and parks within the construction area. On the municipality’s website under the heading “Report something” under the heading “High grass and weeds” there is a map that explains this.

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