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ModernizationMcDonald’s no longer wants smokers in its yard. The fast food chain says it is the first large catering establishment in the Netherlands to make its balconies smoke-free. As of the end of this summer, smoking is no longer permitted on the balcony or in front of the door.

With this move, McDonald’s wants to make sure everyone can enjoy their meal outside on the balcony, without being bothered by cigarette smoke from other guests. McDonald’s has 258 restaurants in our country, and most restaurants have their own terraces.

In the coming period, the stands will be fitted with tiles from the so-called smoke-free generation (an initiative of the Heart Foundation, KWF and Longfonds). The catering company sees making the stands smoke-free as an addition to providing a smoke-free work environment for employees.

Anne-Marie Swijtink of McDonald’s Holland: “As a good neighbour, we find it important at McDonald’s to have a positive impact on our immediate environment. We are a family restaurant, where everyone will soon be able to enjoy our products optimally on the balcony, without being bothered by smoke.”

a step

Secretary of State Martin van Uygen for Health, Welfare and Sports applauds McDonald’s move. According to him, the series is taking a new step in the fight against smoking. “Every step that contributes to a smoke-free environment for children in particular is of paramount importance to our health. Because every year about 20 thousand people die from the effects of smoking,” the minister responds.

He invites other restaurant entrepreneurs to follow McDonald’s example and make their balcony smoke-free. In order to reach the smoke-free generation in 2040 – as agreed in the National Prevention Agreement – he says a lot of work is being done on a package of additional measures to further reduce smoking. “I promised to send this to the House of Representatives after the summer,” concluded the Secretary of State.

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Posters about the smoking ban are also placed on the windows. © McDonald’s

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