Smooth vaccination campaign in Tamanridge

To help contain the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens of Commewijne County and the surrounding area have had the opportunity to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. This happened on Saturday, June 19th at Krama’s Place on the East-West Connection. A medical team, along with a group of volunteers, members of the District Council, District Council, and Administrative Service of the Commissariat of Commune, committed to helping receive, direct, register, vaccinate and monitor a large group of citizens who collectively responded to this call.

The appeal is that young and old can take advantage of this opportunity. Already early in the morning people went to the place for vaccination. The commissioner of the Komoen district, Muhammed Siddik Rajab, was pleased with the turnout. “At around 11:30, we were able to provide more than 600 citizens with the vaccination shot. We already ran a campaign in Meerzorg, vaccinating about 5,000 people. I hope to reach the 2,000 target today. The organization used buses for those who are not They have transportation.DC Radjab invites everyone to come en masse and get vaccinated, so we can prevent infection.

The Minister of Health, Ammar Ramadan, also headed to the site. He was very pleased with the turnout and hoped that people would become more aware and be vaccinated. He suggested that Krama’s Place is very convenient to drive by and hope the idea may be taken on board. However, he regrets that people are misrepresenting the vaccination message to society. He stressed that vaccination is a science and has nothing to do with experiments. “Vaccination provides strong protection against Covid-19, so that you do not get sick. There are also young people in IC at the moment and this is very unfortunate. Vaccinations and prevention of infections” call from the Minister of Health.

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Today, Minister Ramadan was joined by Ministers of Social Affairs and Housing Orikit Ramsaran and Minister of Interior Pronto Somohardjo. Minister Ramsaran and Sumoharjo both pointed out how important vaccination against the Covid-19 virus is. Minister Ramsaran, himself from Komiyoni, hopes that the entire region will take the opportunity to vaccinate.

Despite the huge crowds, thanks to the good organization, everything went smoothly and correctly. District Commissioner Rajab thanks everyone who supported the project in any way.

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