Sneek’s Fierljepster Hanneke Westert jumps new Dutch record with girls at IJlst

Sneek’s Fierljepster Hanneke Westert set a new Dutch girls’ record in new jumps at IJlst on Monday night. With 16.78 metres, Westert jumped 21 centimeters farther than Mariet van der Waal on August 4, 2014. The goalkeeper from It Heidenskip also did the same at IJlst.

Westert, 16, set the record with her second jump of the evening. For a moment she was in danger of not placing the wand over the “dead point”, but by staying in the wand for a while she was able to prevent that. Then she flew to the new benchmark score. This was Westert’s fifth day title.

With a personal best of 16.23 metres, Westert started the season with the idea that the Dutch record had to be within her ability. It happened on Monday at IJlst. ‘I’m formulating I’m efteroer falle soe,’ said the (sixth year) gymnasium student at Boerman College. I waited for a while and didn’t do it, but I didn’t talk about it. “I really hope to be the first famki when the santgene counter jumps.”

Nine personal best results

Under ideal conditions, fierljeppersgilde at IJlst jumped one personal record after another. In total there were nine. The most striking record came in the name of Bauke de Jong of Parrega. De Jong jumped over 20 meters for the first time in his career with 20.10 metres. That was good for a first stage win in De Jong’s career.

De Jong maintained a beautiful tradition with his victory, as he was already the eleventh goalkeeper to win a top-flight competition this season. The match at IJlst was the 12th this season. Only ranking leader Oane Galama has won two matches. At IJlst Galama he didn’t even come close to winning distance. His twin brother Jesbrand Galama did. With 20.07m and 20.03m he just had to let De Jong win. And I hope this Boko fan is,” he said and public I know. Nard Brandsma finished third with 20.02 metres. The Frisian Champion returned to IJlst after a few weeks of rest. Still skipping the final.

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Ski jump record

In the junior ranks, Wisse Broekstra of Tzummarum earned his title on day eight. Broekstra set a jumping record of 20.42 metres. With his jump, he stayed only 11 centimeters from the small Frisian record of Rutger Hanstra. It wasn’t a personal record for Broekstra. That’s 20.72, which is the jump distance Broekstra has jumped in the boys’ category.

In the women’s race, Inger Hanstra of It Heidenskip won her title on the first day of the season by 14.68. With the boys, Burgum’s Auke Jan Jilderda took his fourth win of the season at a new personal best of 17.14 metres.

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