Sniffing the New Zeeland Library | Also, Weigel et al

ZEELAND – The Zeeland Library went up a storm on Monday afternoon, opening for the first time in its new location in Dorpshuis in two weeks. Members wanted to visit the library and they needed new books.

Library staff were delighted to see the crowd. Gabi Raaijmakers: ,, Good to see. People enter eagerly, still a little unsure, but they quickly pass the bookshelves. It looks completely different here than in De Corf.

The Zeeland Library has actually returned to its old location. The parish house used to have a library. It is also included in the newly built Dorpshuis Zeeland. About eighteen months ago, the library was moved to the old village hall in De Corf to accommodate construction activity.

Great Wall

The new library is not ready yet. For example, an eye-catching grand wall will have more cushions. Children will soon be able to dream quietly in their book. Or listen to a lecture like the next DreumesBabbels on November 11.

The opening of the renovated library is an important step for Dorpshuis Zeeland. Henceforth, an important party will function five days a week. Shortly after the fall break, the next phase will be the opening of the sports hall by various associations. The first major event is the Klure & Bracht Zeeland Bird Show on 17th, 18th and 19th November.

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