Snowbound English pub goers have a fun-filled weekend with movies, music and a pub quiz

A long weekend in a British pub, while it’s snowing outside, with live music and entertainment. Who does not subscribe to these dark days? It happened to a dozen guests at the Tan Hill Inn in York quite unexpectedly. They came at the end of Friday for drinks and to listen knights, a band that plays songs from Oasis.

But Storm Irwin, which was a nuisance throughout Britain, struck here that evening, too. The Tan Hill Inn is the highest pub in England, at over 500 metres, it soon started snowing heavily. Don’t worry, says the bar owner Nicola Tossend At the BBC, its pub also has rooms. Guests with no bed left, such as band members, can sleep in the bar.

They came as strangers and left as friends

The next morning, 61 people woke up to nearly four feet of snow around the bar. Those who still wanted to leave were urgently advised by local police not to try, due to loose electrical wires. Townsend immediately put together a plan to keep guests entertained with movies, pub quiz and karaoke. The musicians took out their instruments again and there was plenty of beer.

Sunday evening some guests came, with an all-terrain vehicle, time to check out. Others had to call their business or family to say they were still at the bar. After a snowplow swept the road on Monday morning, the exodus could finally begin.

The weather has remained good the whole time, Tosend says. “It’s a cliché, but it is true: They came as strangers and left as friends. There are already plans for a reunion next year.”

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