So the cancellation of “1899” was inevitable

Despite many disappointed fans and calls for it to resume, Netflix has pulled the plug.

1899 It is a science fiction-like series in which the passengers of a ship bound for the United States encounter some strange events. Comparisons with black mirror And the Lost She points out that there is definitely a niche for this kind of series.

noisy protest

It seems strange to stop a successful series. When the filmmakers announced on Instagram that there would be no second season, the protests didn’t end. “It’s not even two days since the new year and then a message like this,” said one enthusiast.

Various calls were also made for other presenters to take over the series. What is the reason for ending it?

28 days of viewing

The sheer number of series that Netflix makes naturally offer a lot of characters and thus insight into viewer preferences. One of these factors is 28 days of viewing: The number of viewers who pass through a season per month.

Based on this, it is determined whether the chain is profitable in the long run. Despite the success of the first season, there may still be indications that continuing is not a good option.

addition numbers

According to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, it’s not just cold calculation: “Judgment numbers are 70% instinct and 30% data. Sometimes numbers confirm your worst suspicions, other times your best suspicions.”

Within the Netflix approach is 1899 Unfortunately not an iceberg, but a mountain of numbers.

1899 Can you broadcast Netflix.

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