Solar Car Top Dutch Solar Racing launches in Morocco

The Croninger Solar Racing Team will take part in a race on Top Dutch Solar Racing this year. Now that the World Solar Challenge in Australia has been canceled until 2023, the 22-piece Student Group from Croningen will launch the Solar Challenge in Morocco in October.

“The cancellation of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2021 is a setback, but as a team we are already facing more heat,” said team manager Aymer Berkel. “My first thought: We’re going to organize our own solar challenge. No race is an option. In twelve weeks we have made the impossible possible,” Berkeley proudly says. We got it. “

Participating Dutch solar racing teams have chosen Morocco because of the desert climate with plenty of sunlight. The race begins and ends in the port city of Agadir on the west coast of Morocco. Each of these teams will ride in five stages at a speed of about 500 km / h. “Among other things, we need to take traffic into account, which will change our racing strategy,” said Alzheimer’s, a creative leader. “This is a territory we do not know. We are going to sink in Morocco in the future.”

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