Solar Magazine – 9 farmers started the experiment in Wieringermeer using solar panels and a windmill that collect cables

An experiment was initiated in Kop van Noord-Holland to investigate whether cable assembly could offer a solution for a complete power grid. 9 farmers with a roof fitted with solar panels share a grid connection with a windmill.

In addition to the 9 agricultural companies, the pilot project in Wieringermeer also includes LTO Noord, Greenport NHN and infrastructure specialist Ferran, which is part of the network company Alliander.

More space
Experience should show whether cable assembly can solve the network congestion problem. By sharing the same power cable from wind turbines and solar on the roof of the installation, there may be more space on the power grid and more solar panels can be placed on the roofs of the company.

As waiting times for grid connections increase, significant generation potential remains untapped and the additional sustainability of energy use on hundreds of farms in the northern North Holland is under pressure. So the interested parties have taken the lead for the pilot project which should show if cable bundling is the solution.

7000 solar panels
With sufficient connection capacity, the nine agricultural companies involved in the cable assembly project will have available rooftop space for the installation of another 7,000 solar panels.

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