Solar Magazine – Leander installs giant transformers to expand Amsterdam’s power grid

Grid operator Liander hoisted a giant transformer into place at the IJburg power distribution plant on Strandeiland in Amsterdam. The 80 MVA transformer weighs 80000 kg.

The transformer has a similar power consumption capacity to more than 30,000 new natural gas-free homes.

December 2022
The construction of the new power plant is necessary to power the housing construction in IJburg and to relieve some of the other power plants in the city. Liander expects to start using the station in December 2022.

Paul van Engelen, Regional Director for Amsterdam and responsible for the development of the power grid in Amsterdam, on the arrival of the giant transformer: “The Strandeland power plant will soon provide power for the entire IJburg area, thus resting other parts of the city, such as the power plant located in De Hoogte. kadijk. This station will then have a larger area to supply electricity to central Amsterdam. Setting up a power plant seems simple, but with the area of ​​a small football field and many incoming and outgoing cables above and under the ground, it is quite a challenge. Spatial integration in Strandeiland went relatively quickly, in part due to good cooperation with the municipality and because Strandeiland is a ‘green meadow’.

29 new stations
To meet the growing demand, the capital’s electricity grid must double within the next ten years. Grid operators Liander and TenneT will build 29 new power plants in the capital through 2035 and expand 12 existing ones. Several kilometers of additional electrical cable have been laid to meet the demand for electricity. Thus, this is the largest renovation that our 100-year power grid has known. This is while there is a chronic shortage of technicians, materials and space.

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The space in the city is limited underground and above ground. This is why the Amsterdam municipality and network operators TenneT and Liander have drawn up an action plan, “The Development Framework for Electricity Supply Amsterdam 2035”. In this, the three parties jointly describe the parameters of where, when and how the most critical parts of the power grid can be expanded. The City of Amsterdam and network operators Liander and Tennet have also formed a joint working group to coordinate and accelerate the expansion of energy infrastructure, find ways to allocate scarce space on the network in a socially responsible manner, and devise smart short-term network solutions more efficiently and thus create more capacity.

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