Solar Magazine – Liander reports new bottlenecks in the power grid, but also additional space for solar

In the past 1.5 months, grid operator Liander has encountered new congestion problems on the power grid in Amsterdam, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, North Holland and South Holland.

In its update of the available network capacity, network operator Liander reported a large number of new bottlenecks where the network is full.

Orange scarcity areas
No additional network capacity is available in the new orange areas below, and Liander is studying possible solutions through congestion research.

  • Amsterdam: Basisweg (consumption) and Ruigoord (consumption)
  • Flevoland: Elmer (consumption).
  • Friesland: Makkum (Consumption), Rijperkerk (Consumption and Re-delivery) Buitenpost (Re-delivery), Holwerd (Re-delivery) and Klanderijstraat (Consumption)
  • Gelderland: Nijmegen at the distribution station De Waalsprong (consumption and nutrition), Ede West (consumption and nutrition), Elst (consumption and nutrition), Nerrijnen (consumption and nutrition), Tiel (consumption), Veldsteeg (consumption and nutrition) and Zuilichem (consumption)
  • North Holland: Den Helder Vogelwijk (consumption), Heerhugowaard-Noord (consumption and nutrition), Velsen (consumption), Alkmaar at distribution station Alkmaar Boekelermeer (consumption) m Hoorn at distribution station Hoorn Geldelozeweg (consumption and nutrition) and Krommenie (consumption).
  • South Holland: Alphen Centrum (consumption), Alphen West (consumption) and Zoeterwoude (consumption and re-delivery).

solving problems
In Flevoland, limited capacity is again available in the electricity grids of both Lelystad and Zuiderveld to feed solar energy. Two other issues have been resolved in Flevoland, Dronten for re-delivery and Emmeloord for consumption.

The limited capacity is again available for consumption in the Frisian electricity grid in Dronerip. Finally, on the power grid in Zevenhuizen in the province of North Holland, limited grid capacity is once again available for consumption and re-delivery.

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