Soldiers make tents and blackboards for the burned schoolchildren

Through the efforts of the National Army of Suriname, students of Sacred Heart School, the GLO School in La Vigilantia that burned down in October last year, can enjoy education again. Three wooden tents were set up in a week, including blackboards. The initiative for this action comes from Defense Minister Krishna Matoeira in consultation with LNA Commander Colonel Robert Kartodichromo.

Secretary Mathuera often indicated that the military should operate close to society and provide support in difficult times. A fire broke out in October last year, destroying a large part of the school’s rooms.

Then the department leadership contacted the vice president of the school, Joshua Gran Harvest. He is very impressed with the rapid approach of the army. Graan Harvest also wishes to express gratitude to Jayant Bidesie, Deputy Director of Finance at the Department of Defense, who, as a former student of the school, made an important contribution to communication between the department and the school.

“It was the gentlemen and they did a wonderful job,” confirms below the head. The wood was donated to the school by a businessman and the military took care of the rest. Graan Harvest finds it a shame that due to the current pandemic, students cannot make the most of their tents.

Mathuera wants the Army of Suriname to work closer to society and provide support in difficult times. In March, soldiers also cleared the grounds of the Ashiana Seniors’ Home.

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