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Lars van der Haar won the ring cross against Gavere in impressive fashion. The Dutchman lost his opponent in the final Superprestige cross and crossed the finish line alone by more than a minute.

Belgium’s Elie Esserbet came second with a time of 1 minute 8 seconds and took the overall win in the notable cyclocross series standings. Tun Airs finished third at 1.40. Van der Haar scored his fourth win of the season at Javier in Flanders. He won, among other things, the Dutch and European titles. He won the silver medal at the World Championships in the United States.

Gavere is a classic in cyclocross. Van der Haar said after the cross: A great win appeals to the imagination. This is also the first super race to win in my entire career. If this is Javier, I’m very happy about that.”

The 30-year-old Woudenberger is still participating in a cross in Brussels on Sunday and then undergoes knee surgery. He’s had knee problems for a while. “Fortunately today I didn’t feel any pain in my knee. This is usually only during long endurance exercises. I immediately felt like I had good legs. This was an issue as we didn’t really have to switch bikes. Usually this cross rides early in the year.” “Not today and that has played to my advantage,” said Van der Haar, who finished third in the Superprestige classification, and it was the final win for Iserbet.

The brand wins for the nineteenth time

Lucinda Brand won the final Superprestige cyclo-Cross classification for the second year in a row. The European champion also won the final cross of the series in Javier, Belgium. She has already recorded her 19th victory of the season.

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The brand was unapproachable at this year’s Superprestige; She’s won six of the seven cyclocross races and usually has a great show of strength. Also in the final pass in Javier she was not able to keep up with her competitors. She distanced herself early in the race and gradually continued her lead. Annemarie Worst crossed the finish line in 35 seconds. Denis Betsima took third place and made it to the all-Dutch podium.

Lucinda Brand. © BELGA

The 32-year-old brand won the Superprestige with 101 points. Bitsima Wurst earned the same number of points in the final standings (92), but because Bitsima won the cross at Ruderford this winter, she finished second in the standings.

It all went well,” Brand said afterwards at Spurza. “I had a lot of doubts because the track was very slippery this morning and I couldn’t control it. The plan was actually to gain some confidence in the beginning by riding other lines. But it turned out to dry well and I was able to find my rhythm straight away. I’m leading a season Better than last season, and it’s still hard to believe I’m the overall winner. I’m enjoying this.”

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