“Solving defects in public places with the application FIXI in Stadskanaal could be better”

Dealing with reports of loose sidewalk slabs, broken street lighting, and other defects in public places in Stadskanaal could be better. The college answers this question from ChristenUnie.

Counselor Fritz van der Heide asked the council questions because he had heard from the population that there were many problems with applying FIXI. This allows residents to report unwanted or unsafe situations in public places.

Van der Heide noted that the questions asked by residents are not always answered in an amicable manner, clearly or carefully. There will also be a lack of clarity about the status of the report.

Could be better

According to the commission, the examples cited show that there is room for improvement. The municipality will share criticism with the app’s makers. Among other things, efforts should be made to improve feedback by requiring users to send an email and providing standard feedback.

There should also be a report if a problem has already been raised by another assessor. “We will improve with the contract partners.”

6,000 reports are generated annually by the municipality’s FIXI app. It is evaluated randomly. There is no solution satisfaction survey.

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