Son of a Moroccan Jew running in the US Senate race

Feb 22, 2021 – 10:00 am – World


Alex Lasery, son of Mark Lasrie, an American billionaire born into a Moroccan Jewish family in Marrakesh, is running for the US Senate in 2022.

Alex Lasry, 33, takes his first steps in politics and wants to become a Senator for Wisconsin. He is currently the Vice President of Milwaukee Bucks whose father owns a large portion of them.

“It is time to abandon the old ways of Washington and start thinking about the American economy in a new way,” Lasri said, adding that progressive values ​​are good for business.

Marc Lasery is a Democratic candidate. His opponent, Republican Ron Johnson, has been a Senator from Wisconsin since 2010. He will have to beat his party mate Thomas Nelson first. Despite his little experience, Al-Asri is a serious candidate. He owes this, among other things, to his father’s $ 1.8 billion fortune, who is financing his campaign.

This is exactly the point that bothered Thomas Nelson, who asked him via Twitter not to use his family’s fortunes in his campaign because “no one should buy a Senate seat.”

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