Son Roxeanne is a makeup artist and Shelly has a little hairdresser at home | Turns out

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Photographer William Rotten Share a screenshot of it France PowerWho seems to need to visit the hairdresser.

Presenter Shelley Stirk She doesn’t need an appointment right now, because she simply has her own stylist at home.

Singer Andre Hazes He is very proud, because he can finally join his hero.

with this Filling skills Can son Roxanne Hazes I started working as a makeup artist in no time.

You can almost never disperse them; Radio DJ Frank Dane at Married at first sight-candidate Aron van ‘t Hul.

Rachel Hazes Today may extinguish 51 candles and a good friend Rossana Kluivert I can’t wait for them to celebrate everything together.

Food Blog Rence CrossSister, she secretly married her great love Sayed three years ago. “We’ve known each other for thirteen years. There hasn’t been a big wedding, so I hope we can do it again,” she reveals to her. Stories.

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Well if gyms are closed then you have to DIY something. Georgina Fairbane So it is just her own Sport club Started.

It’s still tough to run at 8kg, the presenter discovered Cos van Platringen This morning.

Rico Verhoeven He woke up early this morning to enjoy his family.

Jim Bakum I can’t believe how fast time flies. Today, his daughter Bossi is 6 years old. Because of her nature, she allows me to be the father I want to be. My connection to Poos is unbreakable, ‘are his sweet words.

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