Sony demonstrates driving a new Honda car with a PS5 controller

Sony and Honda recently unveiled the latest prototype of their joint venture, Sony Honda Mobility, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. The collaboration aims to bring a unique electronic vehicle (EV) to the market by 2025, offering a premium entertainment experience.

The EV model, named ‘AFEELA,’ promises to revolutionize the driving experience with cutting-edge features. During the CES presentation, Sony showcased the capabilities of the AFEELA prototype, including its ability to be driven using a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. This innovative demonstration highlighted the seamless integration of gaming technology into the world of automotive.

However, it is important to note that the remote driving feature showcased with the DualSense controller is not intended for consumers. Sony Honda Mobility’s president and COO, Izumi Kawanishi, clarified that it was merely a tech showcase and not a feature that will be available to the public. Despite this, the demonstration generated significant excitement among attendees who witnessed the potential of the AFEELA.

In addition to the prototype showcase, Sony also announced a partnership between Sony Honda Mobility and Polyphony Digital, the developer behind the popular Gran Turismo video game series. This collaboration will focus on vehicle development and aims to combine simulation technology with actual vehicle development, creating new and exciting experiences for gamers and car enthusiasts alike.

As part of this partnership, the AFEELA Prototype 2024, the latest iteration of the EV, will be included in a patch update for Gran Turismo 7. This means that players will have the opportunity to drive the AFEELA in the virtual world before its official release. This integration of virtual and real-world experiences demonstrates the growing convergence between the gaming industry and automotive advancements.

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With the launch of the AFEELA just a few years away, Sony and Honda’s joint venture is set to elevate the EV market with its focus on entertainment and collaboration with influential gaming developers. This exciting partnership is a testament to the continuous innovation and evolving landscape of the automotive industry.

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