Sony Unveils New Controllers For PS5 Virtual Reality System | Currently

Sony announced more details about its new PlayStation virtual reality system on Thursday. The company discloses in one Articles What the Enhanced Controllers will look like.

Sony announced last month that it is developing new PlayStation VR glasses for PlayStation 5. The new headset works with a single cable and gets an improved controller.

The images show that the consoles have an eye-catching circular shape. Sony writes: “This allows you to hold the console naturally while playing with a great deal of freedom. There are no restrictions on hand movement, allowing developers to create unique gaming experiences.”

As with the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5, the VR controller receives haptic feedback (realistic vibrations) and adaptive triggers (buttons that can provide counterpressure).

Controllers can also detect fingers without actually pressing a button. This allows you to make more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay, according to Sony.

The company says it has tested the product extensively between people with large and small hands. According to Sony, the new console should give users a greater sense of depth in virtual reality experiences.

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