Soon you will be able to send your shopping lists with WhatsApp | Technique

Meta, the parent company behind Facebook and WhatsApp, among others, has announced that it will soon be possible to send messages to yourself via WhatsApp. For example, you can write a shopping list, a memory aid or a figment of your imagination.

Meta said the ability to send messages to yourself will roll out to the Android and iPhone app in the coming weeks. The feature will be available in the next update of WhatsApp.

After the update, it is possible to start a conversation with yourself by creating a new conversation with the button located at the bottom right of the screen. Your name will then be at the top of the contact list. By clicking on your name, you can start chatting with yourself.

In some other messaging apps, for example Slack business chat app, it is already possible to chat with yourself. This is often used to jot down a quick note, write a to-do list, or just as a reminder.

Some WhatsApp users have already found a way to chat with themselves. This can be done by creating a group chat with another WhatsApp user and then removing that user from the group.

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