South Korea and North Korea deploy dozens of warplanes along the border Now

South Korea has deployed around 80 warplanes after detecting more than 180 North Korean military aircraft on the border between the two countries. The Defense Ministry in Seoul made the announcement on Friday.

A South Korean news agency reported that the North Korean plane flew over North Korea and over the east and west coasts for four hours. Yonhap. Seoul later sent F-35As into the air, among others. It was not without risk: a crash in a small corner when several fighter jets were flying close together.

At the same time, South Korean fighter jets engaged in training with the US were standing by. These air exercises are the largest ever conducted jointly by the countries. They have been extended by one day due to increased military operations in the region. North Korea has criticized the training sessions, which the country describes as “aggressive and provocative”.

The South Korean military observed more than 80 North Korean artillery shells in the maritime defense zone between the countries on Thursday. It was announced a few hours earlier that the exercises with the US would continue for one more day. On Wednesday, North Korea launched at least 23 missiles, a daily record.

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