Space at De Formit Cemetery in Urk is running out

Urk – B & W van Orc A proposal to the city council to provide two million euros for the expansion of the cemetery de Formets. There is currently not enough room for excavation to meet the desired barrier of two to five years. The municipal executive wants to achieve expansion in phases, so that sufficient graves are available in time, and that there is enough space in the cemetery until 2038.

There are currently 80 sand graves in the cemetery. An average of 45 graves are released annually, which is more than estimates. Alderman Nathanael Middelkoop: “In Urk we place great importance on burial and we want to give our loved ones a place of last rest in our municipality. Therefore, I find it undesirable not to bury our loved ones in Urk. That is why it is now necessary to start work on expanding Dee Cemetery format, so that we also have enough space from 2023 to continue issuing tombs.”

earlier than expected

The expansion will come earlier than expected in the 2017 cemetery policy. The starting point was that sufficient graves would be available until 2024. The assessment shows that 76 sand graves have been expended more than expected. In addition, 85 fewer family graves were spent and fewer graves were released than expected.

gradual approach

The design of the extension is in keeping with the existing part of De Vormt cemetery, with the extension placed around the existing cemetery as a shell. The new part retains the same atmosphere and design as the existing cemetery and the available space is used as efficiently as possible. Expansion is divided into 3 stages. The municipality will implement the first phase in 2022. In order to provide sufficient graves in time and also to achieve sufficient capacity for graves in the long term, the municipality will carry out the assessment respectively. 2029 and 2038 the status quo, before the second and third phases would follow. The total extension contains 1632 graves up to the year 2038.

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Cemetery maintenance and operating costs

In addition to the expansion costs, it is also necessary to restore the asphalt pavements in the current part of the cemetery. A water feature must also be created from the point of view of adaptation to climate and mandatory drainage. The new budget also includes additional resources to bridge the annual operating deficit. The basic principle is that burial rights do not change except in the case of indexing.

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