Space debris collides with one of the robotic arms of the International Space Station

Despite the impressive effect and creating a hole in the device’s thermal blanket, the International Space Station survived unharmed.

Life in space is not easy. Earlier this week, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) confirmed that A. Orbital debris collided with the International Space StationIt collides with its Canadarm2 robotic arm. It was first seen on May 12 by a team of astronauts immediately during a routine inspection, and the Canadian Space Agency and NASA confirmed the effect two weeks later. Fortunately, the fear is more than harm, because the body would have simply damaged Canadarm2’s thermal blanket, without affecting its build. Therefore, the articulated arm of the International Space Station still stands in front of the laboratory Perfectly functional, It should be able to continue carrying out its subsequent missions at an altitude of about 410 kilometers. With the help of Dextre, Canadarm2 will continue maintenance work by replacing some of the International Space Station’s outdoor units, such as the antennas or solar panels. However, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have confirmed that the robotic arm of the International Space Station is Monitoring increased in the coming weeks.


Too small to be detected

In space, the slightest fatal collision can be because the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the ship is large. In order not to endanger the International Space Station and its inhabitants, NASA is closely monitoring all surrounding things To anticipate potential evasive maneuvers. Despite all these efforts, only space debris larger than a baseball can be discovered. Thus, others can pass through the loopholes in the network. Such a big deal, especially at the time The space is getting more crowded, As a result of natural and residual debris during previous human missions.

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