Space for 400 homes in Tilderskady

(Photo: Chris D. Ward).

In general, green spaces are increasing in the area around Telderskade and the height of the residential tower has not yet been poured with concrete, as confirms councilor Fleur Spijker in an interview with Sleutelstad. By doing so, it responds to the local residents’ reactions to plans to redevelop Telderskade and the surrounding area.

Leiden City Council recently shared its plans for Tilderskady and surrounding areas with the city council. During the first meeting of the Urban Development Board Committee, residents had the opportunity to respond to the plans. The neighborhood is happy with the redevelopment, but is concerned about the height and amount of proposed new construction. Alderman Fleur Spijker is pleased that the frameworks for the plans have been outlined and explains that the details have yet to be worked out.

Alderman Fleur Spijker in Nieuws071 tells Telderskade’s environmental plan.

In addition to building 400 homes, redevelopment plans also include an indoor sports center and a new school building for Leonardo College and Hesse van de Boorte. Leiden College consciously chooses to engage with the entire neighborhood at the same time. “We are developing the whole. There is a lot going on now, and it is better to tackle everything at once,” says Spijker.

Residential Tower
Spijker understands that locals are concerned about the possibility of building a seventy-meter-high residential tower. “I can imagine you think: Oh my God, a little loud. But at the same time it also ensures that there is contrast in the neighborhood, and last but not least, many extra homes,” says a local councilor. It is not yet certain that the tower will actually be built. Speker: “What is in the plan is what is possible. What suits the southwest. We will see if the tower really appears in the building plans.”

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Residents of Telderskade and the surrounding area find it difficult for green spaces to disappear for construction. Spijker also understands this: “In general, there will be more greenery in the neighborhood. The area also deserves to add this. It has to be built there and for that, the greenery has to be removed. But you will see, upon completion, that a beautiful green image is being created.” .


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