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There is a large densification task, which means that many houses have to be built. In order to affect the outside space as little as possible, houses are built inside the existing towns and villages. Building within the existing boundaries provides opportunities to improve the living environment for the people who already live there. However, in some cases this intensification has negative consequences.

People are crowded or no longer feel at home in the neighborhood. How can we successfully intensify to increase the quality of life within existing cities and villages? How can the city be intensified in an attractive way? And what do we know about the densification of existing city neighborhoods and villages in recent years? We will discuss this during this meeting with some experts.

Water Fields The program will start with a presentation about Research To the past of Dutch condensation. The Council of Government Advisors has conducted research into densification projects within towns and villages in the Netherlands over the past fifteen years. A quarter of a million homes were built in this time frame. to search, a data analysis It was made, which has been translated into a map of the Netherlands showing where it is compressed. Three places in the Netherlands were also analyzed about the process of densification, for example, the story was formed on the basis of fieldwork and research.

Carlin de Jong Contribute to the study of condensation on Village intensification. As an Architect at Studioninedots, she has researched how to achieve compaction in a compact and healthy way. During the program you will give a presentation on the research and share your findings. On the basis of 3 cases, we considered what is possible to successfully thicken “villages”. For example, they use a step-by-step plan and the tool’s “scale bars” to investigate the neighborhood.

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as a member of Disel neighborhood platform groups Jennifer Ramsarweb Committed to improving Van Dijsselport. She would love to play a role in developing and promoting projects within New West. The neighborhood platform allows neighborhood residents to participate in the discussion about the great Renovation plans. This way the residents also have a voice in the spatial schemes.

Eric Nagingast He is the property manager for the Rochdale Housing Association. He works on dozens of new renovation and construction projects. Rochdale is responsible for about 40,000 homes in the Amsterdam area. They focus on making neighborhoods resilient and future-proof.

Sociologist Frans Soeterbroek Active City Maker. As an activist, consultant and publicist, he works to increase community influence in spatial development. He is the founder of the consulting firm “de Ruimtemaker” which stimulates cooperation between society and government. in his article ‘Controversial plans, disregard for citizensHe places the importance of citizen participation in the region’s development on the agenda.

Frank den Boken He is the principal project manager for Environmental Vision in the municipality of Amsterdam. In doing so, he contributed to the environmental vision of Amsterdam 2050, in which new accents are addressed in the mission of intensification. He will discuss Amsterdam’s densification mission and the municipality’s plans.

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