“Space for Tiny Houses in Achtkarspelen”

Saturday 05 June 2021 10.00 AM

Overseas mail – Achtkarspelen municipality will now actively include space in new zoning plans for so-called “small houses”. The PvdA submitted a proposal for this Thursday evening and the city council passed it unanimously.

The reason for “Lytse hûskes” came from Derk Jan Pilat, who spoke recently during the information episode. As a boy and raised in Buitenposter, he would like to return to Buitenpost after his studies and work. Fourteen interested parties from the region have already met collectively.

‘lytse hûskes’ are tiny, integrated and detached houses of up to 50 square metres. “Our main motivations for participating in this pool are the small environmental impact, the lower monthly costs, being satisfied with less things and living in a (largely) self-designed home.” Bilat said.

Not only an outpost

PvdA Council member Theun Nicolai made a proposal Thursday night to create space for “tiny homes” when new zoning plans are being developed. Frans Hoekstra (GBA) thought it was a sympathetic movement and immediately indicated he supported the movement. Hoekstra would like to see the focus not on Buitenpost but on the entire municipality. “Oare stick yn ‘e municipal ha like folle rjocht as Bûtenpost”. Chancellor Nikolai was fine with that.


PVV’s Harrie Graansma wasn’t adamant about “tiny homes.” This tendency to minimalism and poverty was noticeable. “It almost makes sense that the plague hut is still in the genes here among the people.” However, the Freedom Party would not be the Freedom Party if everyone were free to vote. “If people want to live in a caravan in a campground, they should be able to do so, and if they want to live in a wooden garage box, they should be able to…” For this reason, Graansma also supported the movement.

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The possibility is already there

Alderman Jouke Spoelstra declared that even without the movement, there are indeed opportunities to realize “small homes”. “The difficulty in this dizzying situation is that the plan of this group is there, but there is no contractor behind it or a plot of land. In it they are asking for municipal help….” According to Spoilstra, there is indeed a plan that was for Harkema. It went wrong in the end because it was an “out of town” plan.

Tiny house for beginners

Alderman Spoelstra also wondered aloud if there was a need for true “tiny homes” with the smallest possible environmental footprint or whether starter homes were needed because there were no affordable homes. According to the local council member, the developers are not really keen on this development because it makes less money.

Theon Nikolai (PvdA) hopes that new residents will simply be able to purchase a plot of land and that these residents will realize a “little house” themselves. Forcing contractors and developers to build these types of homes is not an option.

The proposal was eventually passed unanimously.

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