Space in the garden? Here you will soon get free baby trees

Do you often look at that empty spot in the garden? This is the only place a pretty tree does well? Then there’s good news for you: You’ll soon be able to achieve a free baby boom. This is how it works.

De Ulebelt is looking for gardeners and landlords who have room for a tree. Therefore, it offers seedlings from the neighborhood of all kinds. Often these trees are too close to each other to grow from. With volunteers only those trees that were reserved by the owners of the parks.

New life for seedlings

At the Brinkgreven site, next to Deventer Hospital, two fun and educational days will take place on the 4th and 18th of November. Then young trees of different tree species are dug up. If there is sufficient demand for trees, trees will also be preserved in other locations. A tree warehouse has been opened where some trees are planted. The other part of Ulebelt baby booms will be collected on Saturday 5th and 19th November by the people who requested it. The Children’s Tree Campaign is giving many small trees new life in a place where they can grow into big trees.

green caravan

The Children’s Tree Campaign is organized by Ulebelt and De Groene Loper Deventer in collaboration with Dimence Groep and other organizations. The activities are made possible by the district of Overijssel. Activities will also take place at Olst in this context. Events will start in Deventer during De Groene Karavaan Salland: From October 29 to November 12, various green activities will take place in Deventer, Raalte and Olst-Wijhe. The Green Caravan will travel through Overijssel in the coming months. With this festival, many organizations united under the slogan “Nature for Each Other” want to make our environment greener and increase biodiversity with the people of the province.

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who what where when:
Ulebelt Tree Sharing Days were distributed on Saturday 5 November and Saturday 19 November. Trees are free but a donation is greatly appreciated. More information, requests for children’s trees, and information if you would like to become a volunteer:

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