“Space should radiate light and calm”

If the room radiates light and calm, Hans, 47, quickly feels at home there. “I have a busy life and travel often. I love coming home to my oasis of peace after an impressionable day. The neutral interior ensures a fast recharge the next day.”

“Designing is my biggest hobby. Whether it’s clothing or interior design, I like to think about how I can make people feel good. In my opinion, most people benefit from a neutral space with lots of white. It calms your mind and gives you space to think.”

I feel at home

“When I first came here, I immediately felt at home,” says Hans, who has lived in a beautiful upstairs apartment in central Arnhem for the past eighteen years. “When I saw the pictures I was not immediately sold. I thought the design was crazy and didn’t see myself living here.” That changed when Hans came to see the house. He fell in love with the cozy street and when he set foot over the threshold, he immediately felt he was right. “When I entered, I knew: This is my house.”

Talk with a romantic wink

“I love neutrals. I prefer buying everything in white or black or in a neutral shade with gold as the accent color. This makes everything I have easy to combine. My style can be described as modern with a romantic wink. My home isn’t very strict, but it’s not cluttered either.” I think it’s important that it radiates calm from the inside, but it doesn’t look too clinical.Although there is a lot of white in the house, you have to live and you should be able to sit on everything.The cat is also welcome on the sofa, it must be It’s possible!”

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Store Addresses

“I never actively look for things to compliment me, but I always come across something. My problem is that I love too much and immediately sees in front of me how I can combine something with what I already have at home. My favorite stores are Loods5, H&M Home and Zara Home. Also I have great art from a local artist Joy Holthaus Hanging on the wall, which I can keep looking at.”

fast growing group

“There are many valuables in the closet in the living room. I love picture books, from fashion to travel books,” says Hans enthusiastically. “There is also a set of bisque porcelain figurines and a set of shells in the closet. In this sense, I am a true collector: if I like something, I must have it in great numbers at once. For example, I take a beautiful shell with me in every country I visit it. Fortunately, I travel abroad a lot, so my collection is growing fast.”

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keep dreaming

“A big dream I have for this house is to have a covered roof terrace with a bedroom. How nice to have the doors open in the morning and stand outside immediately with a view of our beautiful city? I also like to have double doors installed, I always find that very stylish. On the one hand Others, I also think it’s important that the house retain its original charm and not make it too modern. So I don’t mind some dreams remaining just dreams. I always come up with something new.”

calls to Inside viewers

Indebuurt Arnhem is always looking for new viewers. Do you know a building or a private house that you would like to see inside? Or do you live in a beautiful, warm, unique and wonderful home that you are proud of? Let’s know! Send an email to [email protected] And who knows, maybe we’ll visit you!

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