Space: to the inferno of Venus and back again

The new satellite, which will be created in the next decade, will have to look more closely at the atmosphere of Venus than it already is. The month in which it will be launched has already been decided, and for good reason.

Space: to the inferno of Venus and back again

The greenhouse effect is completely out of control, temperatures are around 500 degrees, and the clouds are full of carbon dioxide: Venus may look like Earth, compared to our neighbors, our planet is (still) a paradise. But how did you get out of hand with Venus? What exactly is this atmosphere made of?

This should discover a new satellite full of instruments. It measures more accurately than the satellites that were already there and should be launched in March 2031. Not in February, not in April, no: March. If it doesn’t work out, it won’t be until two years later. why? Because you can’t carry enough fuel to fly to Venus in one go. Then you have to use the gravity of other orbs as a kind of catapult. They have to be in the right place with respect to the ground and this is not always the case.

In this audio you can hear Michiel Min from nose. You can read more about the mission to Venus here: EnVision: Understand why Earth’s closest neighbors are so different.

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