SpaceX and Blue Origin face competition from… Porsche!

Space seems to be a dream to many, but a prominent party seems to be showing an interest in extraterrestrial travel as well. Porsche invests in the space agency Isar!

We’ve seen most of our planet now, so we want to get out of it. Well, space travel for exploration is by no means new. Relatively new are the serious plans to commercialize space travel. A return ticket to Mars, so to speak.


Two big players in this are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos from SpaceX and Blue Origin. Musk and his space ideas are discussed a lot, and we’ve been able to follow Bezos’ space adventures closely. We’ve come a long way, and we may soon be getting close to commercial space travel. Whether it’s a “first come, first served” contest between Bezos and Musk, or whether every company is competing, the latter seems likely.


Thus there is room (har-har) for another player. For example, the Munich-based company Isar Aerospace. This company deals with rockets, satellites, and everything to get into space. But commercial space travel is one of IZAR’s spearheads. Eventually, people should be able to buy a return ticket to Mars from Isar. ambitious plans.

Porsche + Izar

Enough to interest the investor. And last but not least: Porsche AG is investing in Isar Aerospace. The car brand announced this in a press release. A special move for the auto brand: The relationship between Porsche and aerospace isn’t entirely clear.

Porsche will make a special space version of the 911 with the Izar. No, Porsche is primarily interested in the technologies that will be used. Much is needed for space flight and these innovations can be used in automobiles.

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With financial contributions from Porsche, among other things, Izar wants to get a rocket into space for the first time next year. The company can already count on $180 million from investors. It is not known if there will be a special Porsche sports package called the Isar, just like the Tesla.

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