Spain seeks US help in crisis with Morocco

June 20, 2021 – 5:40 pm – World


US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has been summoned by his Spanish envoy, Aranja Gonzalez Laya, to assist Spain in resolving the diplomatic crisis with Morocco. The Spaniards see the decision by former US President Donald Trump to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara as evidence of the current crisis.

The Spanish government is seeking the support of the United States in the crisis with Morocco, which escalated in April, when it was revealed that Policario leader Brahim Khali had been admitted to hospital in the Spanish city of Logrono. The Spanish foreign minister expressed his desire to resolve the diplomatic crisis with Morocco in a telephone conversation with his US opponent, Anthony Blingen. According to a Spanish newspaper, Donald Trump’s decree on the Moroccan Sahara is the result of bad relations. L is secret.

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Last Monday, Spanish Prime Minister Point Sanchez met with US President Joe Biden at a NATO summit in Brussels. This is the first time the Spanish prime minister has met with President Biden since receiving citizenship at the White House on January 20 this year. Sanchez sought to have the United States play an active role in resolving the crisis between Spain and Morocco.

Good relations between the two countries began to crumble after former US President Donald Trump signed a decree on December 10, 2020, recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara. On the same day, Spain indefinitely postponed the summit between the two governments. Morocco also wants Spain to support recognition, but recently Minister Gonzalez Laya said he had no intention of changing his position to Spain.

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