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The Belgian branch of TUI will be canceling all package vacations outside of Europe this summer. Says a spokesman Telegraph. This means popular destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia and the Dominican Republic will be canceled for Belgians in July and August.

The Belgian TUI could not say how many passengers now see their plans smoking. “More season is approaching. With this decision, we are trying to offer other options to our customers at a good time.”

Still possible in the Netherlands

TUI Netherlands says in a reply that the Netherlands is different. Countries have different travel advice. TUI does not make holiday trips to areas with Netherlands Orange Travel Advice, but it is still possible to fly with a travel system outside of Europe. “In the Netherlands, we know Curaao, Bonaire and Aruba are popular remote destinations, and those trips continue. So travel advice is yellow,” says TUI spokeswoman Petra Coke.

Other remote locations are not provided. “Think of the holidays for Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. These countries are still orange, and by the end of August they are unlikely to go yellow.”

In other popular countries like Turkey and Egypt, it is not yet certain what will happen this summer. Countries are now orange, “but we certainly have not lost hope that it will turn yellow this summer,” Coke says. “We always cancel three or four weeks in advance to notify people in a timely manner and provide a replacement.”

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