Spanish footballers strongly refuse to play under the leadership of the national coach, the Federation responds fiercely Sport

Fifteen players from Spain’s national team sent an email to the Football Association indicating that they no longer wish to play for their country as long as Jorge Vilda is the national coach. His training methods are said to affect their emotional and physical health. The union does not show any understanding.

According to Reuters, the players are not satisfied with the treatment of injuries, the atmosphere in the dressing room, team selection and training sessions.

“This is a situation that has never happened in the history of world football,” the Spanish Federation said in a statement. After all, that’s not what it’s all about, this kind of harmful action goes beyond the values ​​of football and sports. Generally.”

The federation will not pressure the players in any way and will not choose them anymore if they do not want to wear the Spain shirt. We will play with players who want it, although we have to form a youth team.”

National coach Jorge Velda © AP

Players who have emailed are not allowed to play for the national team again unless they “accept their mistake and ask for forgiveness”. The union described the refusal to attend as a “very serious violation that could lead to a suspension of two to five years.”

Alexia Putillas

Most of the players who quit play for FC Barcelona. Remarkably, Captain Irene Paredes, Alexia Butillas and Jenny Hermoso did not send an email. Botelas, the Ballon d’Or winner, also plays for Barcelona, ​​but is currently seriously injured.

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Alexia Putillas.
Alexia Putillas. © Reuters

15 players

Spanish media published the list of players who do not wish to play for Spain:

Ainhoa ​​Moraza, Atlético Madrid defender, international since 2020.
Patri Guijarro, Barcelona midfielder, international since 2017.
Laila El Wahaby, Manchester City international defender since 2016.
Lucia Garcia, Manchester United striker, international since 2018.
Mabe Lyon, Barcelona international defender since 2016.

Una Batley, Manchester United international defender since 2019.
Lea Alexandri, Manchester City international defender since 2019.
Claudia Pena, FC Barcelona striker, international since 2021.
Aitana Ponmate, Barcelona midfielder, international player since 2017.
Andrea Pereira, America’s international defender since 2016.

Mario Caldente, FC Barcelona striker, international since 2017.
Sandra Banos, FC Barcelona international goalkeeper since 2011.
Lola Gallardo, Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, international since 2013.
Nerea Izagiri, Real Sociedad midfielder, international since 2020.
Amayor Sarrighi, striker for Real Sociedad, international since 2021.

The Spanish women will play their next international friendlies on October 7 (Sweden) and October 10 (US). The team has already qualified for the World Cup next year.

the reviewer

Earlier this month, there were protests in Spanish women’s football by referees who succeeded in striking over wage increases, delaying the start of the new competition by a week.

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